CNC.TFT, 515 Firmware, questions

Speed video on the FB group


I have it in 1080p, its 169mb

OK, I have done 10 planks like this, a 2.5D toolpath. Combined 4 toolpaths into one gcode file: Drill, Boss, Face, Cut-out with tabs. Stats are: Total Toolpath length with all moves and Z plunge/raise is: 9696 in (246278.4mm). Feed Rate of 230.85 in/min (5863.59mm/min) (average of all rates). Tool bit used: Freud solid carbide downcut.

Did you change the firmware limits? 97mm/s is pretty fast. Best I have with a 1/4" single flute is 12mm deep at 55mm/s. If you did not change your limits the firmware is keeping you at 50mm/s and 15mm/s.

Yep been tweaking to the limit. Decided to push to the extreme, haven’t lost steps yet…

After seeing last weeks vid, I thought changing a lot of settings was a given, :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the last 4 days I have been ramping up the feed rate, and acceleration looking for the failure, knowing it will come. Yesterday while testing the rig at a little over triple default feed rates and x3 the acceleration the z quit holding. The file used here in Carveco creates a toolpath summary saying it is a 2 hour 26 minute run. I am very happy with the tweaks and increases, and it now takes 40 minutes. The speed adjust was just over 2.5 times the default speeds and acceleration. Remember my friends, I am used to making machines and other hardware do far more than designed. In the end what it was designed to do isn’t always what it is able to do.


You might want to switch to larger endmills or deepr cuts. I find those to be more times savings than moving faster. That also preserves your endmill life as well. For my LR3 production cuts I do full depth slotting and keep bumping up the feedrates. Have not hit a limit yet and my router is still near the lowest settings so lots of room for more.

I made a mistake 3 days ago and cut a 11mm deep slot with a 1/2 endmill at 22mm/s with my 2’x4’ LR. That made a pile of shavings in about 5 seconds.

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