CNC table leveling idea

An idea to correct leveling of CNC table to reduce diagonal twist in frame due to un level floor is get 4 carriage bolts and 4 nuts and 4 washers see photos

The stock adjustable furniture feet sold in store are not good max 80 lbs junk



This really limits how much contact you have with the floor though. Just the very crown of that bolt will touch. Might be good to get real adjustable feet at some point.

edit: This is what I have on my table saw out feed table


I have these under my cabinets for my full sheet LR3 and they worked great!!

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mine is for just $4

well its concrete floor and the cariage bolt head touch floor no sawdust to mess up the leveling

If you looking to stay cheap and have a 3d printer you could do something like this

The main concern is the contact surface. Not so much functionality. Your putting possibly up to 100lbs of force on a rounded surface that some weight will be moving back and forth. If your frame isn’t solid it will cause micro movements and in the future your table will start to sag as the force from the canter on the bolt will push/pull on the frame vs sitting flat.

A secondary concern is noise. The vibrations made through all of this will be much louder from the metal to concrete than some kind of wood/plastic

Now again this is your build and what you showed us is a functional design, in fact most of us have probably done something similar (I have built two tables with a similar design). So you are the final say we are just trying to inform you of possible issues we have encountered.

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Instead of carriage bolts use some of these, they’re called elevator bolts, they have a large completely flat face. You should be able to find them at any good hardware store or one of the big box stores.

elevator bolt


There nothing wrong with the carriage bolts. Thanks for sharing the idea. I hope you like them.


I used these from Amazon because they were less than $2 and seemed and heavy duty, but I really like your solution! It stays very much in the DIY/ingenuity lane, is simple, and cost effective.


That’s the one I was thinking of a Brutish design that attached to side of 2x4 wood

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Link to that product?

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OwnMy Heavy Duty Adjustable Leveling Feet Hexagon Nuts Lock Furniture Legs Levelers for Furniture, Table, Cabinets, Workbench, Shelving Units and More -

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Done! That’s how much floor slopes forward a sump pump
A bonus benefit of carriage bolts is easier to slide the table …

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I have my CNC table on 4 of these.
and it’s fantastic. Although my other painting table/glue up bench has M10 bolts being used the exact same way. It’s been like that for 2 years and hasn’t missed a beat.

Unable to access the link …cuz it’s Australian site


Probably right, I got the same thing, until I turned on my vpn. Anyways, it’s a threaded foot 60mm in diameter on an M12 stem and cost $10.38 AUD

Bunnings foot

I know our wildlife will try to kill you but blocking the websites is a little too far.

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That’s not what happening, it’s being blocked at the Aussie end by Bunnings, it says they need to review the connection.
FWIW, until quite recently, we had no issues viewing the Bunnings site without a vpn.

All good Rocco was only joking around.

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