Hey guys ! thought ill share some more drawings with you :smiley:




cant put video here properly for some reason…

Just post the link, the imbed stuff doesn’t work right.

No need to embed it just drop a link and it is automatic.

Oh my goodness that is so freaking insane!

I have no idea how the heck you are programming it but it seems like magic so you are obviously either a time traveler or an alien. Your secret is safe with me. Um front page for sure I am flabbergasted.

I put it on the home page, prepare for some questions.


Watching that first one being made reminds me of watching an artist sketch. Running over the same area a few times, perfecting the shape, with some other lines to represent shadows. Except that it’s done by a robot, and has the precision of the robot. Very cool.

Hey guys thanks for the tips on upload and warm feedback, for a time traveler im pretty bad at uploading videos :smiley:

Funny what you say Jeff, as a graduated art student, I actually work on getting to programming to imitate as close as possible real life drawing techniques, my main focus is on how computers or algorithms (that anyway exist in all our phones, cameras and almost anything we own) can try and understand images or what we see as light and shadows.

By the way I have an exhibition in the end of this month, gonna try a 2.5 meter X 1.5 meter drawing, live on the exhibition :smiley:

will be sure to make some photos and share it with you !

If only you were a little closer… not sure if a trip to Amsterdam to see my machine in action counts as a business write off or how much art I could buy. I wish you all the best for the exhibit, looking through your Instagram is awesome so I am sure the exhibit is going to be a hit.

If you have some info you would like me to share on the post about your exhibit or your Instagram let me know.

In my engineering degree, I took graduate classes in computer vision and image process, and I have written some working computer vision algorithms. I can tell you… Computers are stupid.

Just getting the software to know where the lane markings are in front of the vehicle from a single camera is painful. Like teaching a toddler algebra. Then, you add in some trees shading the lanes or some rain…

The human brain’s ability to translate those lines into shades, and ultimately, give a 3D impression from the spaghetti is pretty incredible. It’s very easy to take that for granted.

Haha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Jeff ! exactly :smiley: trying to point that out between other things, we take all this hidden processes taking place in our machines so much for granted. but your way of describing it wins for today. the fun part is, working with a machine that has no clue what you want from it, is that i cant make it draw, without learning how to draw myself , so actually stalking many painters and artists and asking them how they get good works done by hand.

That is just way too cool! Incredible!

Yes, you can’t get a computer to do anything without knowing how to do it yourself first.

This reinforces my theory…uploading videos will be easier in the future…so you wouldn’t know how to do it now. Any stock tips???

Buy low. Sell high.


This is simply amazing. Nice work man. I am guessing this is some custom software? Is there anything out there we can tinker with to attempt some custom code?


Hey Niel !

you can check this software as a start :

I find that existing softwares are limited in many ways but fun and good as part of a process

also axidraw plugin for inkscape is pretty fun (and complex for an uncleaer reason)

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Wow. This is really impressive.

My wife is an art teacher. I sat in one of her classes for a bit one time. I still think teaching the computer how to do it might be easier than a Jr High student.

We were working on a project during a hack-a-thon at work where we were doing machine learning to try to read VIN numbers off of cars. The problem the team ran into was that the DB they fed their code with had white letters on black background and all the VINs are black on white. When they did the demo, it returned all the letters as the letter ‘8’. It wasn’t until after the hack-a-thon was over that they realized it was reversed.

good evening please can you help me with the plans of your cnc on soliworks or catia? I am in the end of the project of end of study (PFE) and I decided to design a cnc thanks to your video Mostly Printed CNC - MPCNC contact: please

Does someone here have experience with paste extruders and cnc?