CNC airbrushing

I posted on here a while back and was encouraged to begin a topic on using a cnc to airbrush.

My cnc painting journey began with a problem, how do you paint perfectly straight lines with an airbrush. Obviously you can mask off, but I wanted to retain the soft edges of sprayed paint. The solution was to automate the process with a cnc. Through internet searches I eventually found DLB5 and his airbrush holder. This holder is a really good way to easily turn your cnc into a painting machine.

I started off building my own painting machine by building a Lowrider capable of painting canvases up to a maximum width of 125cm and length of 200cm. As time has gone on I’ve modified it slightly. I printed DLB5’s airbrush holder and began to experiment shooting paint.

To turn images into GCodes I found
This allows you to turn both rastors and vectors into Gcodes.

Ok, I won’t bore you all with anymore of the painful details, but if anyone is interested in trying this for themselves please just message me.

Here are some examples of what we’ve been making over the last couple of years.


More stuff on our website and instagram

insta: @littlewhitehead


So cool! Can I see the LowRider?!


I’m about to change a few things on it next week, getting rid of some of the printed parts and replacing with steel. I will upload some images once finished. But here is the setup for now.


This is such a cool idea! Not that I could or would do it, but wow, this is amazing. The MPCNC seemingly can be anything!


I like these images. Nice to see that people with an artistic sense can make use of v1. There’s a few of them on insta actually. Arno Beck(plotting) and g.kindermann2019 (concrete) are two I can come up with on the fly.


Seeing it all covered in paint is so cool. Thank you for sharing that.

What an amazing idea.


It is beautiful seeing it covered in paint like that. The art is great, but I appreciate that machine and how hard it had been working too.


That is sick!!! Wow… A friend and I joked about making a robotic arm with airbrush a while back. This is instead a very practical application for makers, and it looks like you have a good handle on the process. Thanks for sharing!


I want a video!!! I used to do alot of art a long time ago, and my head cannot get around a cnc airbrushing!!! If you made all those with that cnc WOW!!! Just wow!


I’d like to know more of this technique! Should we call this an airrider or lowbrusher?

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I love the look of the soft color blocking and the tighter lining. I suddenly had visions of large-format comic-style illustrations…

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@littlewhitehead : would you be so kind to post a video and give some more details of your machine? I’d love to try this sometime in the near future for 1 of my amateur musical groups I’m trying to make a scenery for. Painting by hand is unfortunately not 1 of my talents.