Closed Loop Motor Control

I have been looking for an easy way to automatically correct for missed stepper motor steps (especially on my 3D printer).
I ran across this neat solution that is on Kickstarter right now.

It looks like it will be an improvement for the MPCNC, 3D Printer or other application using stepper motors for precision position control.

I do realize that there are other factors which are probably the root cause of skipping steps…but in the mean time, if this device allows for them to be corrected in a unattended manner, I think it would be worth a try.

What are your thoughts?

That price is tough to swallow for smaller applications like this, maybe for a larger machine.

This is more my speed, Diy till I die…(unless its cheaper to buy it pre-built)

I’ve never seen this missed step scenario. I think it’s a pretty rare thing with a properly tuned stepper driver and motor that are running within rated limits right? My steppers barely get warm even after a 12 hour print job.

I personally would look into those root causes you mentioned. Mechanical binding, overdriven motors, bad wiring connections. If one of these issues is causing missed steps then it wouldn’t be a good idea to compensate for it with closed loop.Something WILL break eventually.

Its coming, and cheaper and more affordable.

I can’t wait to see the integration, unfortunately missed the kickstarter deadline.

you can have a loot at this site: . I have been a regular customer of this site for 5 years.

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