Clay extruder and dies

My wife and I have something in common: we both have way too many hobbies :slight_smile:
Among them all, she makes pottery, and needed a clay extruder to form various shapes

The only real problem is that pottery furniture are a niche market, with prices to go with…

I just happen to own a cheap 9€ lidl/parkside caulking gun that looks an awful lot like the 70€ one above, so…

A few drawings and laser cuts later, with some leftover 3mm thick hardboard, there you have it :slight_smile:

And with those extra 60€, I just bought a lightburn liscence :slight_smile: but shhhhh… don’t tell her! :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought you were making a clay printer modification!! I don’t mean to sound disappointed, your hack is really neat!

But don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re making a clay mpcnc printer :wink: or perhaps I will??


That’s awesome. Also 70£ ($85 for us US folk) is a unbelievable price for a fancy caulking gun

Actually when searching for a "clay extruder " I found a lot of those :slight_smile:
But my wife is not interested in this, so I don’t get to make one :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’d be surprised how many hobbyists don’t know and don’t even care what a 3d printer or laser cutter can do for them

Pottery, scrapbooking, screenprinting, … these are astonishingly conservative groups
Often older people with “not so young”/“not so creative” teachers trying to teach things “as they should be”

I can get behind the fact you shouldn’t do everything with a machine, but they can be great tools along the way to greater creativity…


My grandpa used to complain about Norm Abrams and the new yankee workshop because he had a power tool for everything. Even sanding! Can you imagine!?

To be fair, he did more woodworking with just a scroll saw than I have done in my life. To each their own.

Shortly after we were married, my wife and I were channel flipping and landed on New Yankee Workshop. I’d recently graduated and lost access to the college scenery and prop shops. She asked “Why don’t you make us some nice stuff like that?” and I said “Let’s add up the price of each tool he uses to put that together.” By the end of the episode her question was answered.

Of course, now (30 years later) I’ve got a lot of what Norm had back then, and some stuff (3D printer, CNC, laser cutter) he’d never dreamt of.

Probably not a dedicated mortiser, dedicated pocket hole machine. I have a router table, but it is much less fancy. I don’t have an oscillating spindle sander either and my joiner is 1/10th the price.

But if powermatic and delta are giving you free tools, why not use them?

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Every once in a while I come across a morticing attachment for a drill press, but can never bring myself to jump. My drill press is one of the big Harbor Freight floor models, and I’m always afraid the attachment won’t fit.

My router table is a hole milled in my extended table saw table. Doesn’t even have its own fence, just re-purposes the table saw fence.