Clarksville TN Lowrider 2 router/plasma OVERBUILD

So I am only about two years late, but lets go ahead and share some stuff.

Meat and potatoes:
lowrider 2 kit, self printed parts. DW611 router.
4x8 foot capacity ( kinda turned out to be 51 by about 94 based on where I put my belt mounts, whenever I truly need the full capacity, i’ll move em.
Frame is 2x4 11ga steel. 1.5 inch pillow blocks, a couple of supports across the bottom. Slats are 2x 1/8th flat stock. Casters were left at work long enough I got to keep em, and while they’re nice, the REALLY made replacing all the tires expensive.

I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations, mostly because I’m like the rest of you guys, entirely too smart for the forum, obviously there is a problem with the… ok foot in mouth back to the garage. The first was building the series cable for the z axis. My most recent, and honestly year long plague of a problem, I think I have finally narrowed down to the power supply. Long story short, I would get random resets throughout jobs, sometimes in the beginning, sometimes half way through, sometimes, and I swear I’m not making this up, on the last pass, causing a machine reset, and the z axis to settle. I replaced the main board (although mostly because I ripped off the communication port being in a hurry in the garage) and this didn’t fix anything. I would mess with the feeds, setting the feed rate at like 15 percent, and it was still intermittent. Finally I went to put the volt meter on the PS, and was sitting there watching it like a hawk… as my machine performed its first perfect cut in months, and subsequently made it another 2 or 3 before the problems resumed. This time I just knew in my mind it was a PS issue, and put another 5 AMP PS on the board is parallel. This worked for awhile, but today couldn’t get it to make it 5 seconds. (and of course I was testing out Vcarve for the first time, so I wasn’t sure if it was the PP or not).

Suffice to say, my lowrider now has the biggest 12v battery that autozone sells powering it (not because I thought it needed it, just because I bought one for my winch last week, and why not). That being said, with dumb impatient me testing out some truly wicked fast feeds and speeds (with almost 6mm DOC to boot), I can say this machine has never run so well. This of course being because I’m learning the new software, hadn’t bothered doing IPM to MM/SEC conversions, and not understand start depth will cut 1 DOC under whatever you set it at, even if all the material is still above it.

All this being said, there really hasn’t been a problem I’ve had that hasn’t been covered on this forum. Sometimes it takes 1 of 2 things, either a little digging, or taking a little bit of initiative to teach yourself the rest of the thread so you understand what is being discussed as it pertains to your question.
I’ve even gotten near immediate responses from Ryan when I felt the need to email him, even if his response was Get your BUTT on the forum (ok he said “post a thread”, and nothing mean whatsoever).

Anywhoooo, enough rambling. Here are some pics of my machine, and some random middle of the night pictures I found scrolling through my phone.


Impressive, very impressive!


That table is massive! I assume you are planning a plasma cutter as well?


Duh, that’s what you put in the title lol. Plasma table overbuild. I think I need to go to bed and quit staring at the 3D printers :slight_smile:

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Yea, ive got an old powermax 1000 that one of these days ill throw on there to see how she does. I think a laser is my next addition. Ive been eye balling some linear rails here lately to go with an aluminum extrusion Y axis and a true spindle, but, as Ryan says, if it ain’t broke, keep cutting.

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I know, every time I think I’m goingto build a second machine, I figure out how to upgrade my lowrider to pull off some new trick. It’s an amazing machine for sure!

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First V Bit inlay.


Will that be a water table? At that size I figure itll hold about 340 lb of water. I wonder if the 11 ga frame is heavy enough to maintain stability with 170 lb cantilevered + material? Anyway, you could always add counterweight.

Very cool build!!

If your carefull with orientation of the wheels (they are offset on mounts so i can point them outwards gain a little bit of stability.

I’ve had some 4x8 slabs of maple up there, and if you load them up centered, my embarrassing 250 pounds of weight is enough to get a slight rock out of the machine if I try. I honestly think at some point I might make 4 jack screws to put in each corner so I get a miniscule sag in the middle to correspond with gantry sag. If I ever decide to do plasma I may just put an inch or 2 of sand in the whole thing instead of water to catch the sparks.

Good point on weight stability, I was more worried with beam deflecting (although I think I calculated about an 8th of inch with a 4x8x1/2 sheet of steel at like 650 pounds (divided between 2 beams) until I realized the long axis would follow this taper. Thanks again for a great design ryan.

I think water and down draft tables are more about catching the smoke and protecting your lungs from carcinogens and steel dust so if you’re rolling the machine outside to do your cuts I wouldn’t even worry about it.

Haha, your probably right. I always run a respirator with my plasma, love the smell, but know its no good for me.

The products looks perfect that my friends may need it.