CHT cold pull

Check this out. I went to swap colors and accidentally got a perfect cold pull.

Not what I expected but it makes perfect sense.


Explain it to us- that’s not what I expect. When I get perfect cold pulls, they look like the shape of the inside of the nozzle plus the filament path back up through where the extruder drive gear bites into them.

What’s with the three headed hydra at the end?

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CHT nozzles have multiple channels to improve heat transfer at higher throughput. (I had to look it up.)


OK, so now I agree, Ryan’s cold pull is freaking awesome.


Who the heck designs and builds this stuff? For thatatter who takes the guy serious that says if we put in 3 mico pathways there :grin: it will work better ?

I do for sure LOL. I have one in 2 different printers and they work amazingly!!!

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Someone showing off what a curved anode on their EDM can vaporize, or, are these drilled, cast, or something else?

CNC Kitchen convinced me into trying high flow 0.8mm Revo (with CHT IP) to speed up large prints while still being able to use stock 40W heatercore that comes with BIQU H2 V2S Revo.

Oh dude that meeting must have been full of laughs. This is soooooo counterintuitive to me. I come from a time when nozzle clogs were extremely common. There is no way I would have ever come up with this idea. Dammed if it does work wonders though…and no clogs yet.

I am pretty sure they are drilled, two differnt sizes angled from the filament side, then a small drill to open up the nozzle.

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