Christmas is gonna be good!

This year I decided to go big on Christmas for my Step Dad. My Dad passed away just before my 15th birthday. My Step Dad has been in my life since a couple years after when he met my Mom. I am now 34. Since then he has always been there for my little brother and I. He has never tried to replace our real Dad in anyway and I have always respected him for that. But he has always been there for help and support when needed. So this year instead of spending the normal $150-$200 on some kind of hunting gear or random shop tool I decided to go big. This year he is getting a new tool for the woodshop. He is a carpenter by trade. He will be getting a new drum sander for Christmas. He owns a few nicer machines in the shop: table saw, planers, joiners, routers, hand sanders. He typically goes cheap on himself when it comes to tools cause he doesnt make a whole lot working for the school district. Time to step up his game. So he will be getting a Supermax 19-38 so he can cut down on his sanding time during projects. Hope he enjoys it. If not I will still have fun playing with it. Also the MPCNC will be going in his shop even though I will have to run it. So I should get some good use out of it as well. I apologize for rambling but didnt know how else to get it out there. Here is a link so you can check it out if you so desire. Truck should be here with it next week.

That’s pretty awesome. Step-dads get a bad rap in the movies, but for those of us that actually have them, we know they deserve a lot of credit. I’m not sure I appreciated my step dad until after I had a kid of my own.

I’m sure any career carpenter would love a tool like that. Unless they love sanding :slight_smile: I see them used sort of as a planer too, especially after big glue ups.

Everyone loves new tools. Garage bonding time is good too, new tools, it’s loud, you don’t have to talk much but it ends up being a good day every time!

Yeah that is one of the reasons I liked the idea behind the drum sander. He has a nice planer and its great, but they leave marks in the wood and they arent that great at fixing slight imperfections such as a cup or bow in a board. Or a glue up of a cutting board that not quite flat. We make cutting boards to sell from time to time and this should help cut down on the processing time. Also speed up the process of plaining or sanding down the inlay. Kinda two steps in one. Should also be helpful to correct slight thickness mismatches in materials. I dont know that he has ever used one, but I just feel like once he starts using it he will find lots of uses for it and maybe better work processes. He also builds cabinets from time to time for people so thats the reason for getting one that can handle some wider materials. He should be able to send whole cabinet panels through it rather than having to hand sand it all.