Checking My Numbers Before Cutting

Hey all,

I’ve been pretty dang excited since I found the MPCNC. I really love the idea and purchased the parts to get started. They should arrive tomorrow and I’ve got my 3d printer running just about full time.

I wanted to run my numbers by ya’ll before I started cutting the conduit to make sure it looked right.

I’ve read through the rails page, used the calculators, and read multiple forum posts. I"m pretty confident, but want to make sure i’m not missing anything.

Primary focus of the machine will be for milling of wood to start. I picked up the Dewalt DM660 as my starter spindle. I"ll play with the marker attachment (drawing is fun) and eventually add on the laser. That’s down the road though.

For milling wood I’d like to make cuts and potentially play around with some relief carving. Cuts likely wouldn’t go above 3/4" board and I can’t imagine going over a couple inches for relief (if i ever get there).

I want to have a 24" by 24" cutting area to work with readily sized boards in my area.

All of that tells me I should shoot for a 24 x 24 x 3 working area.

Does that Z height working around sound right? Or it that too much?

Those dimensions lead me to these cuts

3x X-axis Conduit Lengths: 34.4"
3x Y-axis Conduit Lengths: 34.4"
2x Z-Rail Lengths: 10.5"
4x Leg Conduit Lengths: 2.5"
Does that seem right? I know others likely ask this type of stuff often, so my apologies. I wasn't able to find any posts regarding the purpose and suggests Z height cut.
Thanks in advance. Looking forward to start working on this beauty and building even more project with it.
~~ Tim

I like it, seems good to me. You might want to cut the legs last though right around that height the bottoms and the legs actually touch so if they touch you still want to maximize the leg length to fill inside bot of them all the way…meaning your legs might need to be a bit longer for maximum strength.

Sounds to me like you read everything important and have a good sized machine.

Awesome. Thanks for looking it over and the advise Ryan. I really appreciate you and your work on this.

Parts arrive from you today, so build starts tonight.