Cheap pine at home depot

I don’t know if it’s just Colorado stores, or what, but there are some clearance blue pine boards for really cheap at home Depot. The 1x4x8’ are $1.22 ea. And there is some prefinished shiplap blue stuff that’s $17/6"x8’x6pk.

I’m buying a bunch and making shop fixtures out of it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not beetle kill, because the stain is everywhere on the outside and nowhere inside, but that might make even better for cnc projects.

I’m going shopping!

Geez, I went back in (I’m working on my sprinklers, so you know, five trips min) and they’ve sold about 40 more packages…

Stupid sprinkler manifold not having a standard size pipe!

[attachment file=38304] Why are you not in my local store! This is the one I had to put in last year in order to bring mine up to code (previous owner obviously did a lot himself, meaning I had to redo it to make it right). Working nice now though and I can give a good review to the Rachio controller.

The stuff I’m replacing is downstream. The valves and stuff. The backflow preventer is fine.

I have a c.h.i.p. running Python as the controller :slight_smile: . My wife hates it. Down all the time.

Heh, my lawn sprinkler is called the sky! I think it’s broken though, been watering way too much lately.

Trade you. Mine isn’t watering enough. Had to pump water from the house to fill the pool yesterday.

That’s not going to be cheap!

In Denver, we are technically a desert. This time of year (we’re kind of at the tail end) we get 10 minutes of drizzle per day, and it’s when it’s super hot so it just evaporates immediately. I always procrastinate on the sprinklers, my lawn just isn’t something I care about, so it always looks like a wild grass. Priorities, right? Luckily, there’s no HOA, even though we’re in the suburbs.

We weren’t filling the pool all the way. Just topping off from evap.

We did, however, have to fill it after a pressure washing last year. $130 to fill the pool. Luckily the home insurance was footing that bill.

I love my lawn. The kids and I spend a lot of time in it and I hate weeds in the yard.

I don’t have a sprinkler system, so I spend an hour a week watering. I water as I mow and just move the hose each time I move to another part of the yard.