Change Z to T8.

How can i change Z axis using T8? Please help me. Thanks

what is the pitch

assuming it is 2mm… and your stepper is 1.8 degrees per step. then…

at 16 microsteps it is 1600 steps per mm [ ((360/1.8) * 16) / 2mm = 1600 ]
at 32 microsteps it is 3200 steps per mm

you can use the calculator here also if its something diffrent

hope that helps

I want to ask the change Z axis to a T8, What are parts I will change? Nut trap?
here my T8

So you want to change your M8 threaded rod to a M8 Lead Screw.

The parts to modify would be the nut lock, to take the nut flanged screw nut.

Also with these most are 2mm pitch but have four flutes, so the pitch to use for calculations will be 8mm. Because for every 1 revolution the nut will travel 8mm.

You do not need the spring with this as there is very little back lash with these.