Change MPCNC speed

Hello everyone, I have a new laser Neje
A40640 II added. After which the laser is much more powerful than the old one
I want to drive faster Maximum speed is set to
3000mm/min I can change it. (Marlin)
or is it not good for the machine if I work with approx. 6000mm/min
drive ??? LG Gerhard

Should be OK, especially for laser, since there is not any router bit getting friction against material. It’s a no-load speed, basically same as a jog speed.

Thank you for your quick response .
Do you happen to know how and where I can change that?

There is a maximum travel speed set in the Marlin menus, with a default rate compiled into the firmware.

You can set this in the controller menus or with M203

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As Dan mentioned, M203

Be sure to enter M500 afterward to save the settings to eprom.

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Thank you both! Let’s see if I can find it and change it
can. Habs not so with software. Cheers to Gerhard

Changing speeds? Here you go…

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I feel like those pedals are from this van.