Chamfering tool Setup Estlcam

I’m trying to use a 5/32 roman ogee chamfering bit. The issue is it plunges way too deep doing what I’m doing and I’m not sure why.

The box says it has a diameter of 1 1/16" or 26.98 mm. I measure the tip offset with calipers to get 16.5 mm.

This is how I think it should get plugged into the tool settings

All I want to do is basically do a full depth chamfer to get the edge which should be close to a 13 mm chamfer. To test, just did a 2" rectangle with 1/4" bit then Roman as the chamfer tool.

So why is it plunging down to 33 mm? Seems like it should only go down half the tool height to get to 13 mm, definitely not more than the tool height.

Estlcam is the software

;Created by Estlcam version 11 build 11.244
;Machining time about 00:01:19 hours

M03 S24000
;M201 X1000 Y1000
;M204 P1000 T1000

M201 z50

G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000 F2100
G00 Z2.5000 F480

;No. 1: Part 1

G00 X50.8000 Y-3.1000 F2100
G00 Z0.5000 F480
G01 Z0.0000 F120 S24000
G01 Z-10.0000
G01 X51.1039 Y-3.0851 F1800
G01 X51.4048 Y-3.0404
G01 X51.6999 Y-2.9665
G01 X51.9863 Y-2.8640
G01 X52.2613 Y-2.7340
G01 X52.5223 Y-2.5776
G01 X52.7666 Y-2.3963
G01 X52.9920 Y-2.1920
G01 X53.1963 Y-1.9666
G01 X53.3776 Y-1.7223
G01 X53.5340 Y-1.4613
G01 X53.6640 Y-1.1863
G01 X53.7665 Y-0.8999
G01 X53.8404 Y-0.6048
G01 X53.8851 Y-0.3039
G01 X53.9000 Y0.0000
G01 Y50.8000
G01 X53.8851 Y51.1039
G01 X53.8404 Y51.4048
G01 X53.7665 Y51.6999
G01 X53.6640 Y51.9863
G01 X53.5340 Y52.2613
G01 X53.3776 Y52.5223
G01 X53.1963 Y52.7666
G01 X52.9920 Y52.9920
G01 X52.7666 Y53.1963
G01 X52.5223 Y53.3776
G01 X52.2613 Y53.5340
G01 X51.9863 Y53.6640
G01 X51.6999 Y53.7665
G01 X51.4048 Y53.8404
G01 X51.1039 Y53.8851
G01 X50.8000 Y53.9000
G01 X0.0000
G01 X-0.3039 Y53.8851
G01 X-0.6048 Y53.8404
G01 X-0.8999 Y53.7665
G01 X-1.1863 Y53.6640
G01 X-1.4613 Y53.5340
G01 X-1.7223 Y53.3776
G01 X-1.9666 Y53.1963
G01 X-2.1920 Y52.9920
G01 X-2.3963 Y52.7666
G01 X-2.5776 Y52.5223
G01 X-2.7340 Y52.2613
G01 X-2.8640 Y51.9863
G01 X-2.9665 Y51.6999
G01 X-3.0404 Y51.4048
G01 X-3.0851 Y51.1039
G01 X-3.1000 Y50.8000
G01 Y0.0000
G01 X-3.0851 Y-0.3039
G01 X-3.0404 Y-0.6048
G01 X-2.9665 Y-0.8999
G01 X-2.8640 Y-1.1863
G01 X-2.7340 Y-1.4613
G01 X-2.5776 Y-1.7223
G01 X-2.3963 Y-1.9666
G01 X-2.1920 Y-2.1920
G01 X-1.9666 Y-2.3963
G01 X-1.7223 Y-2.5776
G01 X-1.4613 Y-2.7340
G01 X-1.1863 Y-2.8640
G01 X-0.8999 Y-2.9665
G01 X-0.6048 Y-3.0404
G01 X-0.3039 Y-3.0851
G01 X0.0000 Y-3.1000
G01 X50.8000
G00 Z2.5000 F480

;No. 2: Part 1

G00 Z5.000 F500
G00 X0 Y0  
;G00 Z35.000 F500
Change tool: Roman
;n G90
;n G92 X0 Y0 Z0
;n G00 Z5.0000 F500
G28 Z
G92 Z0.5
;n G00 Z5.0000 F500
G00 X50.8000 Y-4.0000 Z2.5000 F2100
G00 Z-25.6569 F480
G01 Z-26.1569 F300
G01 Z-33.1569
G01 X51.1138 Y-3.9877 F1200
G01 X51.4257 Y-3.9508
G01 X51.7338 Y-3.8895
G01 X52.0361 Y-3.8042
G01 X52.3307 Y-3.6955
G01 X52.6160 Y-3.5640
G01 X52.8900 Y-3.4106
G01 X53.1511 Y-3.2361
G01 X53.3978 Y-3.0416
G01 X53.6284 Y-2.8284
G01 X53.8416 Y-2.5978
G01 X54.0361 Y-2.3511
G01 X54.2106 Y-2.0900
G01 X54.3640 Y-1.8160
G01 X54.4955 Y-1.5307
G01 X54.6042 Y-1.2361
G01 X54.6895 Y-0.9338
G01 X54.7508 Y-0.6257
G01 X54.7877 Y-0.3138
G01 X54.8000 Y0.0000
G01 Y50.8000
G01 X54.7877 Y51.1138
G01 X54.7508 Y51.4257
G01 X54.6895 Y51.7338
G01 X54.6042 Y52.0361
G01 X54.4955 Y52.3307
G01 X54.3640 Y52.6160
G01 X54.2106 Y52.8900

Anyone got any ideas?

Setting the tool angle to 180 gets 16.5 max z.

Yes, profile tool Tip angle is always 180 and Tip offset = the profile Toolpath depth. I’m pretty sure that Chamfer width has no effect when Tip angle = 180, that changing the profile Toolpath depth requires changing the Tip offset (e.g. to cut a partial profile*).

profile max diameter (26.98) / 2 = profile radius (13.49)
pilot (or flat) diameter / 2 = Center offset (4)
profile radius (13.49) - Center offset (4) = profile width (9.49)
Tool tip to top of profile = Tip offset (16.5)

*Which explains why Tip offset is always a tip to top distance for profile bits (something I wondered about in an earlier post) and a negative theoretical to actual tip distance for flat/blunted chamfer/Tip angle tools (the later should, but doesn’t, work with Carve paths).