Chair and Stool - Adventures in Advantech

After noticing that Advantech was rated Structural 1 for building I decided to play around with some low tech furniture on the Lowrider this year. It cuts quite nicely!

Now I am considering using it to build a small outdoor sauna adapting a version of the Wikihouse ‘[Wren System]’(WikiHouse projects gallery). There is a builder in South Carolina who seems to be pulling it off. Hopefully I can speed things up using a .25 inch bit. Even for a 8 X 8 X 8 cube it will be a lot of cutting/babysitting.


Nice. How affordable is that stuff?

I love it when people embrace strand board in its natural state. These look awesome.


about $50 a sheet.

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There’s a lot to love about OSB. One thing is, while MDF is not good for holding screws, OSB is.


Rarely get voids on osb too.


It’s not for everyone, but I love the look.

It also accepts paint, but still looks industrial.

After working with them both I find that the AdvanTech is quite a bit higher grade than regular ‘OSB’. It’s way more rigid, more water repellant and denser…it’s very consistent. Regular OSB doesn’t have the big voids but I have noticed less dense wafer-like areas that make it ineligible for anything structural. The legs on the chair have no flex - as opposed to reg OSB which would be wobbly to begin with and degrade over time.

Visually, I think reg OSB does look better because the surface is a little wilder.


Would make some great shop material/furniture

Or if you really wanna take the industrial look to heart… :eyes: