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I’ll add to this as a list as I build things.

A LightBox for my wife, she’s used it every day for a week!

[attachment file=36743]

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A little box to hold router bits.

Pocketed out from a single piece of wood cut in half to test if I could.

[attachment file=36746]

[attachment file=36747]


I need a box from some dimensional lumber!

How did you attach the sides of the light box to the top?

Thanks for sharing.

I like it. That little box is gorgeous.

I agree with Ryan, that little bit box is awesome! I might have to steal that idea once I get the CNC built.

Re joins on the LightBox.

Simple strip of wood.

Nailed to the sides and glued.

I then screwed this to the top.

[attachment file=36848]

The light globe mount was just flat 40mm metal put in a vice and bent with a sledge hammer :), the angle that holds the globe was a little bit of angle iron I ground out the globe slot and screwed it to the bent flat…

[attachment file=36849]

Needs a mirror underneath for proper usage…

Glass was 430x440mm x 5mm thick from one side of a fish tank at the recycling center in town :smiley:

Those poor fish :frowning:

Thanks for sharing.

A wooden knob for my wood fire heater

[attachment file=36954]

Cut in one pass, center 8mm diameter, 10mm deep, outer rings, concentric at 4,8,12,16,20mm deep respectively. and a little sanding.



A horse cut into a log!

Started out as this log…
[attachment file=38894]

After many many hours of a 6mm rough endmill cut, a 6mm finishing ball cut, and a 2mm finishing endmill cut, I turned it onto its side and made the side straight so it could stand up… …
[attachment file=38895]

And the final result was this…
[attachment file=38896]



That is cool!

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Sweet, and I like the table mod.

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