Case for these buttons

I want to use these buttons to pause/play/abort on my GRBL/pi board. I’d like to print them into the lid of the box, but I’m not sure of a good way to mount them. Any clever ideas (not clever ideas are ok too, but prepare to be ridiculed).

FYI, I got them from sparkfun:

But there seem to be similar products on amazon:

Right off the bat the first option I thought of was to solder them to a pcb which opens up the option to glue/screw the pcb down. You could print a spacer piece that has square holes in it that the switches could be glued into.

Yeah, the more I look at these, the more I’m convinced I need three layers. One as a back, to cover the wiring, one where the buttons get attached (either a PCB or a 3D plate for gluing) and one in front of the lip of the buttons.

I was thinking I would install them in the lid of the raspberry pi case, but the more I think about that, the more I want the pi to be installed under the table somewhere, and I want these exposed on the front someplace.

A perfboard would be an easy middle layer, with the front and back meeting right around it, sandwiching it in place. I’ll need something to do the wiring anyway, probably…

Thanks nerdy rc driver. Or is it Ner Dyrc D. River?

You could do it in two if you really wanted to. The key is that there needs to be room for the switch to activate. So the depth of the square profile cut into the plate is actually measured from the bottom of the switch to the bottom of the cap (while not depressed). Then the switch would be glued flush with the bottom of the top plate.

Ah. I’m going to call that the “cover”.

So I’d install the switch from the inside of the cover, with the button installed. I could probably make a little nubbin and push the switch in without using any glue.