Case for my graphic/controller

Had a guy print me
One at work, all bad. Case didn’t line up with the two end pieces, the menu button wouldn’t click as the face was to thick. Does anyone make these and sell them with a guaranteed fit to this model screen and the two ribbons coming off the back???
@vicious1 maybe even one case with a new graphic screen that’s flashed and ready to go for a lowrider 2 :wink: $$

I’m not sure your problem is “perfectly” solvable. I purchased a display off Amazon that is visually identical to the one in your picture. I went to design a case for it and found a datasheet online. In comparing the datasheet measurements to my physical display, I found they did not match. They weren’t off by much, but enough that I might have had a fit problem when I was done. This discrepancy makes me think there are different “clone” versions of this display that are subtly different. I’ll be glad to provide the STL files for my case if that is at all helpful:

screen that’s flashed and ready to go for a lowrider 2

This kind of screen does not have separate firmware. It is driven by Marlin, so that is something you don’t have to worry about.

Since you don’t have a 3D printer, if you want to take on a bit of a challenge, you can mill one with your Lowrider. That is what I did for the case for my pendant (wired remote) for my CNC. I didn’t get things exactly right, but a bit of work with a Dremel, and everything fit…something that would have been harder to do with infilled plastic and with PLA’s low melting point.

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Can you give some more detail as that exact screen is what I modeled from. Or did you not use my 3D printed case?

That does sometimes happen I put a piece of filament under the knob and it works after that.

If you can’t work that out I send an invoice. I might even have a old lowrider 2 set I can throw in with an order (med box) if you don’t mind a little dust.

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Dust no big deal at all! It was a file
On thingiverse. But almost seems like maybe it was a setting thing on his.
Pm me the details!

Here are the STL files. You likely won’t need the hinges, but I included them anyway. (368.0 KB)

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