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I am trying to carve out a logo thats about 14"x10". Its a pretty detailed logo and all I really want is to lower the background a bit and the perimeter. I have the 3mm selected using the “carve” method in Estlecam. It does not like that very much. When I bypass the warnings about not using a endmill the carve takes much too long to process.

I only want to relive the background by 5mm. Am I using the wrong mill or method?


You are supposed to use the v bit when carving so you can get those sharp corners. Otherwise you would use the “part” function with an endmill.

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Aaron is correct that you need to use a V-bit to do this logo but you need to pair it with a pocketing tool.

In the BSA logo I did I used a 1/8 45Deg V-Bit paired with a 2mm end mill to do this logo.

I also set the Maximum carve width to 30 mm to have ESTLCAM clear the wide open areas of the logo with the 2mm end mill.

[attachment file=“2018-10-13 08_47_58-Estlcam Version 11.019 BSA Lantern Box.e10.png”]
[attachment file=71820]

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With the vbit you will be able to carve or engrave on top of the lines. Go shallow (1-2 mm) for increased detail. That drawing could be simplified. For the tree part carve out the branches (inverse of what you have now).

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Thanks all

First engraving so I learned some things.

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