carving how to

how to set up a convex shape in blender or inkscape for cnc carving


thanks for all the help i’ve seen stupid questions that got better response than this one


Your question is very broad and confusing. I honestly don’t even understand what you’re asking. Maybe post an example of what you’re trying to do.


And being rude and condescending is no way to get what you want.


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You’d have to model the shape in blender, export as a stl, then open the stl in estlcam. Inkscape is used for 2d cuts.


You are absolutely right. I don’t know what condescending means but if it means being an ass then you hit the nail on the head.It was a bad day when i posted that and i do apologize for that. Hope everyone forgives me.

I dont know how to post a picture.

And thanks again for pointing out how not to go about asking for help


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