Carved Bee motif

Hi guys

Realised this little Bee carving was buried in a different thread and figured it could use its own place

Anyway- introducing bee carve V3… this took some trial and error, but I’ve got it nailed.

It 1.5” across the wingtips, 0.8” body length.

0.5mm ballnose running at 15mm/s, 0.25mm DOC for 1mm total.

Took 25 minutes, although my safe z wasn’t set to 1” so a lot of retraction and movement. Could easily shave off 15 minutes by making safe Z 5mm and 0.75 step down.

Hit it with some flat black Spray paint, and 220 grit paper to remove the paint on surface. This was a trial run, and the next one made it onto a custom client tiny charcuterie board (Honey Board)


Thank you!