Canadian MPCNC

Just have to finish the Z axis power and Vacuum Hose


Short and Stout, love it!

kyle did you use the burly c plans as i see ure using emt conduit did you find the 3/4" conduit to be super tight in the feet?

I didn’t have too much trouble getting the feet to fit. My only real “issue” was the nuts didn’t stay captive and had to use a flat head screwdriver on the nuts to hold them while tightening. Other then that the design could not have been better! Super impressed by all the hard work that’s been put into this by the v1 team. There support is amazing too. Kudos v1!

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Just a quick update,

I've added:
  • spindle speed control for the dw660 using a router speed controller
  • an endurance 3.5watt laser with a mount on the dw660, and dust covers
  • modified the x y endstops to have zip tie brackets to prevent me from accidentally knocking them off all the time.
  • Octoprint on a raspberry pi with all the custom commands I need for CNC
  • And old Android TV I am using to control octoprint in the shop
I made some firmware modifications too:
  • Bed sizes input to prevent time out during homing
  • M73 enabled for octoprint
  • Aayrns Laser fix
  • Software end stops enabled for my bed size


I have been using and slowly making changes to this since last year.
Here is my thingiverse collection of items I have printed for the MPCNC, some of which are custom items I have designed, but huge thanks to the group here for the troubleshooting and support!


I’ve Updated from Burley to Primo and the latest V515 firmware, and stainless steel rails


Pretty sweet seeing the progression.