Can MPCNC do this?

Saw this on Reddit this morning… views?



Oh goodie!

So it can cut that smooth and sexy?

Yes, it has something like 100 steps per mm, so it’s really smooth. That’s not the same as accuracy though, there will be deflection depending which direction you’re cutting and how much force there is on the tool.

That video is sped up a lot too, expect 10mm/s or less.

Also, a clean cut depends a lot on the material and the cutting bit - the machine is just the start.


Mystery barn wood, probably oak, really old oak.

Lowes poplar 1X2.

For my Yellowstone I do a roughing cut at about 20mm/s with a 80% stopover I think with a 1/8" 2 flute end mill and then the finish cut is at a 5% stopover I think at 20mm/s. Total cut time came out to be around 7 hours or something. But there was no finishing needed other than a light sanding. They come out really well.