Can I do this, and if so, how?

I love using Estlcam and now have several CNC machines that all work with Estlcam.
My question is, can I use just one computer to control four machines (not all at the same time) as they all have different settings. At present I am using a computer for each machine, but I have run out of space and using just one computer would help me a lot.

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My initial idea was a pi network but I double read your post and realized you are talking about estlcam as the actual controller.

A laptop would work you’d just have to bring it station to station.

If you have to have a desktop and have it away from the other machines… I would say really long cables but depending on distance and whatnot you’ll not only get expensive but can introduce errors… the best I’d say is a mobile stand

If you are okay with using an alternative controller I’d still recommend a pi network with either cnc.js or octoprint a community member made this very easy for traditional pus with the v1pi installer.

If you concern is mostly the printer profiles and whatnot you can save your setting configuration and tool configs in estlcam it’d just be a litle bit of work switching profiles

You can create program profiles:

  • Copy the CNC controller icon on your desktop
  • Right click the new icon - select “properties”
  • Append the “Target” textbox with e.g. “Profile=Machine 2”
    So it looks something like
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Estlcam12\Estlcam12_CNC.exe” “Profile=Machine 2”
    Make sure there is a space character between the program path and the profile keyword or it will not work.

Now you have 2 Icons that start the controller - but each has its own settings.
It is however not possible to control 2 or more machines at the same time. Before another machine can be used the controller window of the previous one must be closed.


NICE! Good to know!



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He’s got it in his FAQ on the website, including pictures… Duh. :slight_smile:


Easy to miss, it is in German. Once known it is very easy to setup and also very useful. :white_check_mark:

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