Can Estlcam make stars?

If I get the correct bit is there a way to tell Estlcam to make stars with it? I made this and it came out very nice other than the rounded stars.

[attachment file=56072]

You can use a v bit to engrave them, but if you want through cuts, the points will always be as round as the end mill.

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Is there a certain type of v bit that I need to get?

The lower the angle, the sharper the corner can be. But a V bit is not a good choice for cutting all the way through the material, the deeper you go, the rounder the corner will be. To get sharper points on a thru-cut you need a smaller diameter bit, but it will always have some roundness to it.

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Yeah, do a finish pass on the stars with a really thin bit. You’ll want to run a thin bit a bit slower, so it doesn’t break. Short of filing the points manually that’s likely your best bet.

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