California Build - Introduction

Old hand at the CAD/CAM/CNC retrofit game. Threw together a new MPCNC build, almost on a whim, after being impressed at the engineering in the individual parts while trolling YouTube.

This one is 5’x4’x8", riding on 065 stainless. PLA where it didn’t matter, PC on the XYZ and all motor-mounts. It will be used to cut/profile foam cores for composite layup.

Started the build just as we signed a lease for a new shop, but couldn’t wait for the move so just assembled it yesterday, threw a pneumatic rotary in it and cut some scrap particle board. I didn’t really build it for wood cutting, and the rotary bearings hate me now, but the machine didn’t blink. It will need some side supports on the long rail, but the head didn’t droop far enough to worry about, considering our tolerances.

I was ambitious and hoped to use a 2.5HP variable speed router motor I had laying around, but at 11 lbs the 8" Z-axis doesn’t seem up to it. I’ll scavenge a replacement. The foam doesn’t take much power to shape, but I’d prefer the largest tooling I can fit.

As soon as its set up at the new place, I’ll snap some pics. Thanks to the developer for the efforts (and subsequent sharing ;-))

Not sure why but that ended up in the spam box. Can’t wait to see this thing!