Cable path...

Im just about to start putting together my mpcnc. 2 parts left to print and just waiting on a couple of bits of hardware.

Most of the instructions make sense, but the routing of the cables I cant quite work out.


Can anyone walk me through it?.


Thanks in advance



I have some pictures here, Do I need to add some more pics? Some times it is hard for me to make instructions because I have built so many I miss the little details.

I think I have worked it out now, but more photos and perhaps a suggestion on where to put the control unit would make things seem more logical for the builder. I know what you mean though, its difficult to explain something that is now second nature to you, as things that are obvious to you may get over looked.


A top down view of the whole thing assembled with a suggested cable route labelled, and where to pin down would be very useful :slight_smile:

I think the other problem is that you can change it so easily. So many configurations are available that most people change 2-3 things before they even run it.

I will say that (as long as it’s organized and easy to parse through) and hour on documentation should pay for itself in answering questions. The worst is if people are giving up because they think it’s too hard.

Take a look at some of the other builds. I spent a good few days looking at pictures and videos taking note of how they ran their cables before I decided how I was going to do mine.


Added a fully wired picture to the assembly instructions, old but relevant.