cable mangement?

Hello, I’m looking for good ideas on cable management. Specifically, how to mange the ac power going to the router, z-axis control line, and vacuum hose. Most of the build pictures that I have seen focus on the axes and gantry. I’ve thought about doing something like this but I wanted to see what others have done.


I was thinking lately about all this cabel and pipes going to z axis and becose I have enclosure it will be hard to mount it above so it’s move free. I think I will make like U profile and mount it to one of the axis so it can follow carege and drop everything there.

If your machine is small enough just have it follow your Z axis cable. All three of mine do and no issues.

MPCNC hangs from the ceiling, the lowrider hangs from a swing arm off the wall.

MPCNC isn’t this big anymore. Put it back to a manageable size after I built the lowrider.

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