Cable Chains

Hey guys

Just ordered all my items for the MPCNC, and started printing the items.
Can’t wait to start assembling it!

Looking around at all the posts in here I stumbled across the cable chains and I totally forgot about those.
I’m not really fond of printing them all out, as I can get them quite cheap

But I’m not sure what the specs required for them are.

My MPCNC is gonna be 700x700mm if that helps with the

Hope you can help me out.

I like the tape measure “cable chain”.



I used 10x20 drag chain and it was tighter than I liked, 15x30 would have been better. I also made sure it was open on both sides so dust could fall through instead of getting trapped. On my next build I might try this

with the tape measure trick so I don’t have to snake all the cables through, it just snaps on.