Buzz the train!

I’m just full of random today.

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Every day I get more and more tempted to make my own racing drone…I have a cnc…I can get some carbon fiber…I must!!

ooooo, it gets stupidly expensive really fast. Then you hit something really hard and have to buy more, or some wire melts and starts your brand new custom build on fire and you have to wait a month for a new board…

I would say get the controller/radio you want and play with some sims, if you still like it, then start building.

I am a serious expert when it comes to fast things that get expensive really fast. I come from the speed running rc car world. It is actually what brought me here because I originally wanted to print molds for some wet layup style carbon fiber bodies. Wised up and realized it was a dumb idea…here I am today making motor mounts for electric skateboards.

If you think the drones are fast, try rc cars going 150+mph, where a little pebble can send your car to hell fast. I have seen the accidents, they’re brutal. This to me is probably as bad as the cnc crash comp is to you.

I will build one when I can afford it. Right now all my funds are being utilized.