Burly VS Primo Corner

Hello everyone,
I am an owner of the “old” burly MPCNC and so overall I am very happy with it! Probably like most of us, my hobby is to improve the things I own, not just using them :wink: So I printed the new Primo Core because I wanted to try it out if it is better or not. After I changed the core pieces I noticed that my 3/4 Corner Bottoms are broken and need to be replaced =( Now I ask myself if I should print the new Corner Bottoms + Trucks or stick to the older ones, what do you recommend?

Greetings from Germany

I would print the new corners, and consider it the next step on a rolling upgrade to a full Primo.

If I print the new corners, I also need to print the new Trucks, correct?

I just finished my Burly, so I haven’t dug into the details of the Primo parts sets. I’m just saying that I’d keep moving forward on an incremental upgrade if you’ve already got the core done.

Yeah, the belt orientation changes.

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