Burly router holder for dealt 660

Can someone point me in the direction of the files for the tool holders on the dewalt router 660 for the burly. I have built this unit years ago and now finally getting back to using it. I already printed all the burly parts but am missing the tool holders
I am excited to get this unit up and running finally

This might be it


It is correct for the router however the upright tubes on the burly are quite a bit farther apart, so I am looking once again

You already have the tool mount right?

That doesn’t seem right. Can you post a picture?

The Burly used a universal plate on the tubes themselves, then the tool mount connected to that. You have to have both.

OK the photo shows the black part which I just printed that goes around the router

the red piece shows the distance for the 2 upright tubes that I have to get this router to mount to

Is there another piece that will go from the tubes to the clamp that is the black part

I think the piece you’re looking for is labeled as “tool mount” in the above photo. Links to the official parts based on tube size can be found here Parts - V1 Engineering Documentation

Hope this is what your looking for.

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OK, now I need the file for the clamp on the roller bracket. it is the gray piece on the right hand black piece