Built, tested, ready for intermediate training

Thank you Vicious One

This has been a fun build, and the effort and quality that you have put into the design and support have made all the difference.

Turns out you can teach old dogs new tricks! The new meaning of “flash” is way different than what it was … way back when!

Put some wheels on the table legs, cheap and easy. Door hinges. Lift, insert 2x4 scrap, roll.

Put some old cabinets underneath, added a little sliding shelf in the center for the power supply and arduino board.

Panic Button … always wanted one of them!

Working great, now gotta learn how to make do fancy stuff.

Thanks again Vicious One,
Design, materials, web site, support and service, all top notch.
Great experience

Dang you built that fast. Looks amazing.

Love the cabinet idea! I was actually just thinking I needed to do something similar to house my ever growing collection of bits and accessories.

Id love to put casters on my table as well. Your clean garage is going to be covered in dust soon :slight_smile: Vac system in the works?

Yeah, I had the cabinets sitting there, right where I wanted to store the MPCNC.
Then it hit me!!!
And they have these slide out shelves at the top that are real handy for a laptop or LCD controller.

The casters make it much easier to work on.
So far I have had them down all the time.
Might have to raise them when the Dewalt starts moving around.