Built and moving (so this this MPCNC is looking for a new home)

Mad props to Ryan for this amazing project! I’ve had a great time building and trying different end effectors on my MPCNC, details here (w/ pics!) https://nathan.vertile.com/blog/2017/12/01/mostly-printed-cnc/

Sad part of the story is that I’m moving and won’t be able to take my build along, so I’m looking for a new home for my MPCNC.

It would probably be best if someone is in the SF Bay area, I live in Los Altos, but I could ship as well.

I also have a brushless spindle, 2w laser and a drag knife as well as a 12v and 24v power supply, if anyone wants those. The only thing not included is the RAMPS board, which has gone on to another project. Feel free to ping me directly: nathan at vertile.com put something like “MPCNC” in the subject line :slight_smile:

Thx again Ryan, I can’t wait to build a low rider next!


Very nice write up. I have my mpcnc and have been thinking about a laser. Just curious what are you asking for your setup?