Buildlog from Germany (NRW)

Hello everyone,
I would like to join the V1 family and also build a MPCNC.
After 79 hours and 22 minutes I have now printed all parts in PLA 0.3mm layer height.

My MPCNC will have the following work width:
800 x 1000 x 110

As a solution for a simple belt tension I decided for this variant:

I read today that a Dual Stop variant should make sense. Which endstop holders can you recommend?

I am also looking for a suitable holder for my Makita RT0700CX2J router. This router will be replaced later, but is already existing. There are some variants on Thingiverse. But I can’t decide :smiley:

As last question I would like to know which board is recommended. I already built myself a 3D printer which printed the parts for the MPCNC. I used a RAMPS 1.4 with which I am satisfied.

For the MPCNC, however, a different board should be used. I have thought of the Rambo because of the dual end stops, or does an Archim offer further advantages? Some people seem to use a MKS Rumba…

Tomorrow I get the 25mm stainless steel conduits. Then it will go on.


So that it is not so boring, here a few pictures:

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At the moment, there’s no difference between rambo and archim. I believe Ryan is migrating to all archim for near future proofing though. So if you can swing the few extra bucks… ?‍♂️ He also has end stop holders that replace the bearing plates.

As an aside, you can emergency print the stop blocks in about 5 minutes when you forget them at home… ?

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That is going to be a big machine!

Nice colors !

cant wait to see more :slight_smile: