Building my machine


I am not sure, if I will be able to document every step, as I know myself, that I am way to deep into building, to think about making photos, as soon as I start, but I will try…

I am going with 1000x800mm Rails but an as short as possible Z-Axis, as I will only be milling.

First step was the table. I used Fusion 360 to draw it (3 times). That way I had the sizes for all pieces written down and I couldn’t mess it up by just calculating.
It is constructed out of 22mm MDF Material and 45x70mm Wood for the Frame and the legs.

As I have not made that many pictures, I add some CAD renderings (with wrong wood textures)…

  1. I build the frame, that holds everything. The pieces are glued together and are also hold by two 6x100mm screws each join


  1. I connected the base plate to the frame. This was done with a alot of 4.5x45mm screws.

base plate

  1. Next step was to add the two side plates for the second level of MDF.

second level

  1. In the middle is the changeable plate, where the working area is.

working area

  1. I added the legs to it.

working area

Hmm, somehow the images are broken. Will upload them separately.

Edit: Hmm, linking external images also fails, because the forum software changes the URI of the images from http to https, that is not working with all websites. So, uploading fails, external linking fails. no build log than :frowning: