Build question: replace M8 65mm

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building the MPCNC (metric version), but I’m having some troubles to get the correct screw size.
I’m building the Roller and looking at the instructions I need the M8 65mm bolt. Sadly such length is very uncommon: locally (and even online at a reasonable price) there are only 60mm or 70mm lengths.

I can easily use the 70mm length, but I just wanted some advice if the extra length could pose any kind of issues, I’d really wish to avoid dismantle everything because of a screw…

So I can use it? If so, the nylon nut won’t tight until the end, there will be 5-6mm of screw and then the nut, is that ok? Reading the instructions it says that nut should be extra loose.
Should I use a regular nut and then lock it with glue? Or it’s even better to cut the screw to size (I’d really wish to avoid that…)

I had a hard time as well with finding some of the screw sizes, and had to use some that were 5mm longer.

It didn’t cause any problems in the build and the machine moves just fine.

And if it won’t fit you can still cut the extra off with a hacksaw or a dremel…

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Thank you. I supposed that but I really didn’t want to discover that those extra 5mm were too much when I completed everything :smiley: