Build in Columbia MO

Thank you for designing mpcnc and making it available, I am starting my build.

So far I have made the table and cut conduit to length

The working dimensions I am planning are 24 x 32 x 4 inches, intended use is for wood

Do you label the lower (closer to table) rails X or Y? I was planning to make the longer axis by the rails closer to the table and maybe put one mid span support in. Does it make a difference which one is x or y if lengths are unequal?

Thank you






Nope, doesn’t matter. Usually X 0 and Y 0 are the closest left hand corner to where you usually sit/run the router. So in your pic of the table, if you’re working with it from the bright short side, XY 0 will be the right closest corner with Y numbers increasing as it moves left to the dark side(the best side, we have cookies) and X increasing numbers as it moves to the far side. I hope that makes sense.

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