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Hey! Started my build a couple weeks ago, shooting for 24" x 19" x 3" working area. Sourced the parts myself and still 3D printing several parts. This will be my first time ever using a CNC machine. I’m assuming after I do all the calibration and try plotting the crown I’ll want to get a surfacing bit and surface the work area of my spoil board to make it level with the router’s bit. Going to use the DW660. I’ve seen that this is at 30k rpm. If I’m wanting to mill acrylic would this be suitable? Or should I look into the options around the forums for controlling the speed or go with a different router entirely?


Bits with only one or two flutes might help. But you can also use a dimmer switch wired up to an extension cord to slow the DW660 down.

The build looks nice.

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Welcome! I also live in Colorado (Golden). I think Aaryn does too.

He has good advice. The harbor freight dimmer switch for routers works fine and is pretty cheap.

Yeah I forgot to mention that. I’m in Brighton. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think I’ll go with getting the dimmer switch from harbor freight. I’m using a MKS Gen v1.4 with DRV8825 drivers. Does anyone have any links or advice on how to set the current for them? Trying to research into this now.

Power them up, with the motors attached.

Don’t short anything.

Attach one probe to a small flat head screwdriver (they work better than phillips).

Attach the other to the negative 12V terminal.

Put the screw driver on the pot. Adjust it until it is 0.7V.

If you accidentally put one probe on the ground and something else, it can quickly let the magic smoke out.

Thanks for the advice. I’m having a problem squaring my Middle assembly. Once I insert the Z axis conduit it flexes and throws off the squareness. It does this with all the tension bolts loose. What should I try?


The plastic can work itself out a little after some use. When the motors are on, they will move in lockstep. So they can keep it square. Either you use the dual endstops to square it while homing, or you can hold it against some clamps that are square while engaging the motors, and it will stay square.

Hey thanks got everything wired up. My Z motor does not appear to be energizing. The X and Y axis work properly, had to flip two of them but all is working. Set the voltage to .7 volts as well. What’s the best way to troubleshoot the Z axis motor?

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Was thinking about I could try plugging the Z motor cable into another axis and see if it moves? (Unplugging other axes)
Then I could also swap the driver with one of the X/Y that is working.

Just curious if anyone has had to troubleshoot this before?

Edit: Alright through process of elimination, Z axis works in X axis plug. Then Z axis in Z axis plug with X stepper driver works. So I’ll order another stepper driver.


Success! Crown test complete. Dual endstops working. Haven’'t fully calibrated the dual endstops but it at least homed X and Y haha.


Good work! Now, primo update! :slight_smile:

Geez, them him get it dirty first. :smiley:

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