BTT EBB42 Can Extruder

Has anyone tried this:

It looks like a pain to flash. The USB CAN dongle needs its own firmware and klipper needs to use network manager to connect to it (I’m experienced with CAN and Linux and this is a hard way to do it). But I am excited to just send 4 wires to the hot end and have an accelerometer and a ton of expansion. It is super cheap on BTTs site now. My guess is the barrier to entry has hurt sales.

I’m a bit bothered by having to increase the comm check timeout. That seems like an indication things are not as synced as they seem.

My printer is working fine. But maybe I should break it? Hmm?

It also looks like a really neat way to add a driver to a setup too. I have seen some setups where people only use these can boards and no main mcu. Just the pi to coordinate everything.

They are really starting to release some interesting parts.
The hermit crab quick change looks interesting too, might fit the repeat…

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Ooh. That looks neat too. As usual, most of my questions are about the software.

Really interesting though.

The video for the hermit crab tool changer shows it working with a laser module.

I wonder if a repeat with swappable tools might be interesting to put a laser module on, or a spindle.

I was always intrigued by the Diabase H5 being able to do additive/subtractive machining.
(Disclaimer- I know these folks, they were community members at the local makerspace, and I support them. I have Flexion extruders in both my FlashForge creator pro and Qidi Tech-1… They used my Tech 1 for a short time to figure out how the Flexion would work in that clone.)

At any rate, would it be interesting to have a repeat with a modular bed that could swap around between print surface, laser platform, and milling platform?

Print out an overextruded shape in plastic, then mill out the fine details…

Sorry, I fear I’ve corrupted this thread.

Mwahahaha! Corrupted threads is the goal.

The previous topics and experience from early versions of MPCNC with print heads on them said the same thing. The ven diagram of requirements for a 3D printer and a mill are not overlapping enough. Maybe that could change.

My feeling is that it is cheaper to build a cnc machine and a printer than build one that can do as well at both.

I would also freak out if my printer ever got as messy as my cnc was after a job.

Lasers are maybe another thing. But the area of my 3D printer bed is too small and the Z is way too high.

I just finished reviving my MP3DP v2 and I added EBB36 with U2C. So far it has worked for me. I have ran into a few issues but nothing big. I added it so I could learn it as I have a Voron 2.4 still sitting in its box and planned on adding it to that build someday when I get around to it.

Someone on the Klipper site shared this link and it helped me get it up and running.

Some of the instructions I was using said the blue light when in dfu mode would go off after flashing and it never does…so that threw me…

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That looks pretty complete. There are a lot of systems needed to make that work.

Have you noticed any differences in the behavior after switching?

I have my hot end already all wired together. But I use CAN at work and I am just generally interested in this. It needs to be 10x simpler to be adopted. It is really asking for some company to make it easier.

I’ve only had it running for the past few days now so probably too early to say.

I agree – a more plug and play option would be nicer.

I will have to admit that I did buy a few Bambu X1s and have used them quite a bit.

However, you don’t get to do any major tinkering with those… so I like that I kept the MP3DP v2 for a continued project. I have another project in the works which is a prusa bear clone, linear rails and I will be putting another stealthburner and Canbus on it.