Broken Corner Top Mount

While moving my MPCNC frame to put a cut away board on my bench, I some how twisted the frame and broke one of the top corner mount. If I had a 3D printer I would just build a new one, but that my next project. I could build one with aluminum at my ex shop where I still have the use of there milling machine. Would that affect the rest of the setup if I would do just that corner? Until I get another set, Can we buy just the corner pieces from the store?

Aluminum will work, or I will sell you another piece. PM or email me with the part you want. If there are any other items you want we can combine the shipping.



OK , I have done a temporary fix for now so I can keep working on the programing and get that crown done. In time I will put a small order of parts in, need more of GT2 Belt, one of my X is a bit to short so I had to add a few longer ties, and will get some of that shielded cable for the Z Stepper motor.