Boot rack

It’s gardening weather and I saw this

on Etsy. I really like the finish and thought, I know what that is, it’s the stuff you floor trailers with! For almost half the price they were asking I got a full 8x4 sheet

Had to turn down my default feed rate - it’s actually really good plywood under there but it was causing some funkiness

But, once that was accounted for:

Finished with some danish oil and installed. A one day project for a change

I liked it so much I made another one to go underneath


Looks great!

Wow, that looks great!!

I’ve never seen that plywood before. That is sweet.

Neither had I. I put “textured plywood” into google and quite a few things popped up included this exact plywood.

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Very nice makes me wish i had a garden :heart_eyes:

It’s being used for playgrounds here in Germany. Sealed edges and you are good to go. :smile:

Customer feedback: we’ve got a bunk bed boot rack! :grinning:


I noticed some deflection when I was making this. Took the core off and this is what I found

A tribute the resilience of Ryan’s design that it worked so well even when it’s cracked.


Looks great! Hey, be sure and copy and paste from here over to the V1E GO Maker Faire submissions thread!

Nice! Not sure I’ve seen one cracked like that before. I bet that bolt was overtightened lol. Don’t worry I’ve split 2 of them down the middle over tightening my spindle mounts LOL

Funny thing is I just finished a new core and found I’d already got one in the bits box so I wonder how long it’s been broken and I’d forgotten.

I discovered the easy way to replace a core;

Take off the x tensioner
Loosen the top 2 bearing nuts
Lift off the core from the top
Thread the x belt off the stepper pulley

Reverse to reinstall a new core. When I fitted the new core all the bearing bolts were literally finger tight onto the unlocks plus one more turn and there’s no play!

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Yep that’s the way I did mine as well. And same on the loose bolts now. They are just tight enough to get to the nyloc to keep them from vibrating off lol

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My monkey arms broke mine in 2 places and it still was acceptable but reprinting and more care on reassembling was even better :heart_eyes:

The fuck are you all doing? I think I am too gentle sometimes, but you guys definitely need one of those things that measure torque. :smiley:

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