Bolt options

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Is there anything else I can use here that will maybe sink into the bearing hole or otherwise have a thinner head? Maybe there's a bearing with a hex in the middle and a stud out the other side?

I’d like a little more space here by just a little. Thanks

None of the mounts should even come close. They all should run parallel to the head of the bolt from the outer corner. If you are still concerned just take them out and grind them down, or get some button heads.

Im passing alot more through than normal. Building a five axis machine. Button heads? I’ll look it up. Thanks.

Yep, those are better. Should be able to get a bit closer.

I ordered bearings on the slow boat from China, but I figured I could rough draft it. Means I’m gonna have ta draw it twice, but I’d like to get a feel for what the design will work out to be.