Board selection?


I'm new here and I have decided to build a mpcnc. I want to order the kit from here but I have one question.

What is the difference between the 3 boards you can choose from? I’ve tried looking on the forum and there are many answers I just haven’t found one I understand.

Thanks for any help!

If the price difference is not a huge deal I highly suggest the Rambo, it is full featured and capable of all the bells and whistles right now. The Archim is a BETA 32bit version of the Rambo, and the mini is a 4 driver version that can not utilize the full dual end stop firmware if you wanted to do that in the future.

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I just built my MPCNC and I chose the RAMBo board. Very happy with it. You can add the endstops later if you want without buying a new board.