Board Recommendations

Since I cannot buy the Fluid NC board, I am looking for suggestions. I want to use TMC2209 drivers.

Will this one work?

If not, please let me know what you all think.

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That will work, but it will not work with the standard tmc 2209 drivers. The software usually configures the tmc drivers. This board won’t have that software or the connections to the uart on the tmc drivers.

When the tmc drivers first came out, they sold TMC2130s in a standalone mode. There was a solder jumper you could use to configure it for quiet stepping. Those would work in place of a drv8825. You needed to adjust the trim pot to adjust the current.

There may be tmc2209 drivers in standalone mode and a way to configure them in quiet step mode. But I haven’t seen that in a while.

Finding a board that supports them natively is probably an easier solution.


I wouldn’t buy that board. It doesn’t actually state which processor it has, it only mentions bluetooth, not wifi. I would recommend a MKS DLC32 That will definitely support TMC2209 drivers in standalone mode, just cut off the two ‘out of line’ pins on the underside of the driver modules.
At €15 delivered it is tremendous value, or at €45 for the complete package with 2209’s and a 3.5" display

Because the DLC uses a ESP32 you can also run fluidNC if you want to…

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I signed up for that tindie bot thing so it notifies me when the next batch of boards become available.
I had to wait a month or so I believe.

The fluidnc? Hiw do u do that?

A kind fellow on here pointed it out to me. Dan

Hell yeah!!

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