BLTouch wiring on Fysetc S6

I’m using the Fysetc S6 board as I had one spare. It’s been a trial, but I’m almost too close to finished to quit and the dark daydream is making me consider just getting the SKR Pro!

I’ve finally got the motors and endstops working (everything homes well!), BUT that’s provided I don’t plug in the BLTouch. When the BLTouch is plugged in (using the spare thermistor pin PC2 for the probe and ZMAX for servo) it works as needed in test mode (deploys, etc) however I cannot home axes as the ZMIN endstop stops working. My pin allocations are correct so there must be some other setting causing this override, but I can’t figure it out. I’ve commented out the following
and set

Replying in part to keep this thread fresh.

I don’t know the answer for certain, as I’ve never used an S6 board.
There is vendor documentation as shown below.

Hi Jim and thanks for responding. I’ve seen this one - the issue with this is that the BLTouch uses both the Zmin pin and the ZMax pins. You need 5 endstops for the Repeat so I remapped the pins the probe uses from Zmin to the PC2 pin.

That better defines your problem for me.

Not every GPIO pin can be remapped to each role- so the challenge for you will be to make sure that the pins you’re now using can be the appropriate IO type (e.g. serial, single ended input or output, PWM, etc- not every pin on the MCU can do every IO type.)

If you can’t make what you did work, it may be better to go the other direction- find other available pins to remap for endstop use.