Black friday sale?

Hey, I know the MPCNC is already a good deal as it is, but I was wondering if there is usually some kind of sale for the hardware kit around black friday?

I’m about to order, but I could wait a few weeks if it’s worth it :slight_smile:

I haven’t been around here that long to know the answer to that, but as far as I can tell, the prices in the shop are probably about as low as Ryan can make them.

I looked into it before I purchased mine and sourcing it myself it was hard to beat the price, and wasn’t worth the difference in price to have to deal with making sure I had all the right pieces, making sure all the pieces were of the correct quality, issue free, etc.

The marginal price difference was more than worth it for me to get it all from Ryan and support the business.


Same. When I priced out sourcing LR3 parts, like one mistake would cost me more. They are very competitive.

Plus - who wants to wait until end of November to get started?


I tried…didn’t make it :slight_smile:

Didn’t plan on starting until the end of the year, but then couldn’t wait lol

V1E is Ryan, selling it if his garage in California. AFAIK, he hasn’t ever done a sale. Even on black Friday.

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Pretty sure its as “black Friday” as possible all year long


thanks guys, you convinced me, I’ll order right now :stuck_out_tongue: