Bit organizer V2

I had to make me a larger bit organizer.
Uploading: 4C10EB5B-6FD6-40D3-83DB-2431C379D0EA.jpeg…

We’d love to see it, but you need to wait for the upload to finish. :sweat_smile:


Lol my bad

Very nicely done.


My only comment (from multiple injuries), more the spacing on the router bits a little further apart or put them in a line of two only. When they are too close to each other it’s easy to cut a finger trying to reach the one in the middle.

Or maybe I’m just too old and clumsy to keep from cutting a finger. :thinking:


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Lol it’s a work in progress for sure I’m gonna have to redo this one cause I used to big of a bit for my 1/8” holes.

I’m constantly tweaking between jobs. I just got another order that’s coming up for 40 charcuterie boards so I was trying to hurry up and get this done lol but now I got to make another one anyway.

Nice work. I’d be a bit concerned about the wood/steel contact and potential for rust. The 1/8" seem to be very loose so are probably fine but the 1/4" look quite snug. You can buy plastic inserts to protect the shafts.

I’m probably gonna 3D print some inserts for the 1/8” holes but unless I drill out the 1/4” holes not even paper will fit.

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Hi John,
I’m curious are they peg springs in with the screws? If so how/are you using these with the CNC?

The screws are one form of my hold downs depending on what I’m making and the springs are belt tensioners.