Biqu is stopping SKR Pro production soon

Not sure how many more I will be able to get but I will need to find another board. Looking for options suggestions. Biqu / BTT boards are very good quality so I would not mind sticking with one of them.

I like a LCD option, although I was just about to put some headless options up for the SKR.

The rambo’s are still extremely difficult to get. The timelines are inconsistent.

6 drivers is a solid bonus (mp3dp repeat), but 5 is a must.

So far
Octopus## +6 driver, Marlin, - Physically large
Duet ## +6 driver, - Not sure about bulk pricing, higher cost, not Marlin
6-pack ## + tons of options, 6 driver, - Bulk not currently available, fluidnc/grbl.

The Octopus seems to be the next step up.

Similar Cortex M4 processor, STM32F4, 8 drivers instead of 6 (Repeat with multiple extruders?) Firmware ought to be similar, and I imagine that flashing proceedures and capabilities will be at least on par.

Looks like about $12 more than they’re currently charging for the SKR Pro on their web site.

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Yeah the cost and the size are the bummer on the octo. They lovingly swapped out 8 or my pro in this last order with 8 octo’s…thanks but I didn’t order them and I do not need 8 for testing…grrr.

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Well, that sucks… I like my skr pro 1.2! Are they stopping all boards or just some?

As far as I know just the SKR pro line.

I like the turbo I have. It is only 5x and may be just as old. Much smaller footprint. The new ones with integrated heat sinks look cool, but as far as I see, they are only 4 drivers :frowning:

They also have duet style boards, cheaper built in wifi. Back to the good ol board search.

I’m ordering one of their Duet 3 6HC clone boards. Still a little on the pricey side, but not as much as the original. I’ve got RRF loaded onto an SKR Pro 1.2 right now, I’m going to try a Repeat on that, and if it works, I’ll move serial number 000002 to RRF as well. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll use the Duet 6HC for a new Repeat.

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@vicious1 - That really sucks that BTT silently swapped in the Octopus boards in your order!

I’ve been wanting to play with an Octopus board and have been thinking when I build my Repeat (or V2) that I may want to try multiple extruders.

I’m willing to help try and get firmware running on various boards and am willing to buy them as testbeds.

If you put together something I can order from your store with the BTT Octopus and some drivers, I’ll happily buy one or two of these boards as development items and hopefully offset some of the inconvenience on you for a substituted order.

I’ve build Marlin for other printers I’ve owned in the past and am wanting to get Klipper working for Repeat (maybe LR3 also.)


Thank you for the offer!

They are letting me send them back and replacing them. I sent a carefully worded rant. They said “soon” so I assumed they were nearing the end. Turns out we have until September to decide…or stock up.

Ive used the octopus for my 3d printer for about a year, my first btt board. Its good, cant fault it. Like all btt stiff, good documentation, covid aside, parts are usually available. Most common dev tools support it and marlin has it as a target, ect of course.

The board was a replacement for the stock rambo 2in1. I needed extra sensor inputs, aeperate out the z steppers and add an extra extruder. Did the config changes in an hour or two, not bad for first printer, first marlin encounter and first btt board etc.

I guess cost is something only u can judge Ryan. Is your experience punters are penny pinching or looking for something youve done the R&D on? Can you still put a mark up on whatever u choose to cover support, dev, firmwares and warranty issues? Sure u thought of all this already…

To be fair, imo most ppl will buy whatever is recommended or offered as a bundle so long as other sites dont give the product shocking reviews…

If u have time, publish your findings / journey, will make interesting reading…

The mark up on boards is not very high since Biqu sell them direct to consumers as well.

Look at like the Rambo and I sell them less then the manufacturer. I think that is a win win. The manufacturer does not need to try and support our uses because most people buy them direct from me and ask us for help. In the end the markup percentages is pretty much equal on all boards.

We know most boards work. I look for boards that can be used for the most things, I would love to find a GRBL or Marlin option. Also Long term manufacture is nice so we don’t have to keep adding boards for support. But yes, really the price is a very large factor most people are still out buying ramps or 3 driver boards to save a bit. I would love to get a low cost option to keep people away from low quality boards.

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What about the 6-pack cnc controller? No screen, but everything else you might need and it’s open source.

Currently there is no bulk options. We have discussed it a couple times and it seems like I would have to produce them myself if I wanted more than a couple.

What about the MKS Tinybee? Makerbase mks tinybee placa mãe 32bit impressora 3d placa de controle esp32 mcu peças da impressora 3d caber 3d toque wi fi web controle| | - AliExpress

  • ESP32 board;
  • 5 drivers;
  • Built-in Wifi;
  • Webcontroller
  • TF-card slot;

Way cheaper than the SKR.

I need to verify the laser timing issue is fixed because of the IO expander.

This one looked interesting too. Also ESP32 based.

Not sure if you can run Marlin on it though. It says it supports GRBL and fluid NC

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It is not marlin based but that is an incredible board. Setup with the modules we would use, it is pretty equivalent in price. To the best of my knowledge they are not available in bulk though.

I might have to check back in with him to see if he has found a manufacturer though.

Has anybody tried this board? I for one am not excited about getting out my soldering iron, and that fact might turn off some users but the author specifically references using it with an MPCNC.

6 Axis, TMC2209’s, Estlcam, GRBL, LaserGRBL, LinixCnC, autosquaring Oh my!

On the downside, kit, appears to be 1 man hobby operation (no offense Ryan), overseas delivery, and ESL.

I had read that he was coming out with a V2, but that info seems to have disappeared…

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Looks interesting, the board looks to be able to handle both the MPCNC and LR. The cost link is broken for me right now so I will check back.