Bill's MP3DP

Finished printing the spool holder and guide overnight. I’m finding the guide really doesn’t stick out far enough towards the front. But the spool holder sure is working nicely. I’m printing a mount for the display, but I’m going to wait to see if I’ll actually use it.

Anyone got a good suggestion for a box to hold my power switch?


Looks good!

What are you using for a power switch? Here is what I made:

I found several others on Thingiverse for this power supply that may also work depending on the switch you have. The one I made attaches to the MP3DP and not to power supply. I included the 123D file so it can be modified.


That looks exactly like what I have! Guess I’m going to be printing tonight after all. :wink:

Turns out not ‘exactly’ exactly. Mine has wings on the wide sides to allow it to be screwed on. I drilled a small hole for one screw and will file the excess wing off the other side. It’s such a perfect fit to the hole I doubt if I’ll need more to hold it. I’ve got my 12V wires in a flex conduit currently and I’ll have to trim that down since it it’s not going to fit through the hole. Very nice clean box and it looks like it’s going to match up perfectly. :slight_smile:

Whish spool holder design are u using? Is it from TV?

Sure is, I’m using this one, and it’s been working great! The only thing I’m less than please with is that changing spools to a different width requires moving the nuts. I’ve only got one spool that’s not the standard width and haven’t actually used it yet.

Thanks. Did you have to make any changes to the bracket where they mount on top of the frame?

Nope, they slid right on over the frame. IIRC they are setup to work with a 7mm thick frame and mine is 1/4", so 6.35mm. A little slop doesn’t hurt since the torque is fairly minimal.